Translation quotes

I always say “good” translators. You can compare translators to wine: There are thousands of varieties of wine, but only a few of them are really good, mostly those that age well and get better as time goes by. - Translation is the world's 2nd oldest profession (Anonymous, notorious!) - Interpretation is greater than the practice of medicine - it heals differences, bridges gaps and restores peaceful existence throughout the world (anonymous, one of our favorites) All good wishes for your first Linguists' Forum gathering on Friday. I'd love to participate by sharing with you my own favourite quote, coined by translation guru and founder member of Britain's ITI, Simon Cave: 'It is no part of the translator's task to perpetuate the infelicities of the original.'(another favorite) From Margaret Collier, a London-based freelance translator currently working in Stockholm." It is preferable to coin words that could be understood by Native speakers of a given language, than use words, coinages, that may be understood by the international community but not by native speakers (Claude Hagege- College de France) La pensée ne doit pas se plier devant la langue, la langue doit se plier devant la pensée. (Danica Seleskovitch, Esit Sorbonne)

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