INVITATION: TAMARIND LINGUISTS' FORUM MEETING 16 JULY 2009, 5:30pm – 6:30pm Guest speakers : Kencall team - Anne Onsarigo, Pauline Kamande Venue: Tamarind Translations Office, Victoria Towers Upper Hill, Nairobi. Kencall is the premier Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) company in Kenya. It has a well established call centre handling business accounts for both local and foreign companies. Today, translation and interpretation (T&I) services are indeed some of the most outsourced business processes around the world. This presupposes several points of common interest between BPO companies like Kencall and translation agencies or even individual translators. Some key services provided by a call centre include Appointment Setting, Market Research, Event Planning, Telemarketing, Customer Care Services. Considering the international clientele the centers attract, multilingual facilitation is often required. In the exploration of these potential convergences between the BPO and T&I sectors, the successful establishment of Kencall presents an interesting case study that is of interest to the emerging professional T&I industry in the country. We thank the Kencall Operations Director Mr. Eric Nesbitt facilitating the intervention by Anne and Pauline as guest speakers for a 30 - minute presentation centered on: - Background and status of the BPO industry in Kenya - similarities of BPO industry to Translation and Interpretation business - Role of and inherent opportunities for linguists in BPO sector Please send us any advance questions you may want the guest speaker to address.

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