SDL Trados new discounted prices for 2011

Below are the new discounted prices for various SDL Trados software products on sale at Tamarind Translations, Nairobi. Please contact us to place your order, offer runs until 30 June 2011.

- SDL Trados Freelance – 349 USD
- SDL Trados Freelance plus – 359 USD
- SDL Trados Studio 2009 Professional Activation – 1,400 USD
- SDL Trados Studio 2009 Professional Floating – 2,400 USD

- Students can purchase a Student Licence (this does not include SDL Trados 2007) for an end customer price of 49.75 USD.

As for Universities, if the software is being bought for the University use, a discount of 90% on the SDL price as below:

- SDL Trados Freelance – 99.50 USD
- SDL Trados Freelance plus – 102.50 USD
- SDL Trados Studio 2009 Professional Activation – 299.50 USD
- SDL Trados Studio 2009 Professional Floating – 499.50 USD

How does SDL Trados help a translator?
As you may be aware, SDL TRADOS products provide tools which enable translators to translate faster as well as more accurate.

Of the most popular products we sell is the Translation Memory which is a linguistic database that captures your translations as you work so you never have to translate the same sentence twice!

You can also get Terminology Management which is a searchable database containing lists of terms and additional term data ensuring consistency within translations. Acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations can cause frustration for translators, especially when attempting to translate them without a clear understanding of their meaning. Terminology management allows you to achieve effective and accurate translations by organizing these terms with a clear set of rules for their usage; this ensures that the correct term is used within a translation.

Please contact us to find out more and benefit from these exclusive offers and to see how SDL Trados Studio 2009 can help you increase your productivity!

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  1. Hi,

    what proof does someone needs to show to certify that he/she is a student and can buy TRADOS 2009 at the discount price of 49.75 USD