15 Oct TLF meeting : Nice meeting, Great Remarks!

The TLF meeting held on 15 October 2009 was a lively event. We wish to congratulate Fred Omondi, Salome Nduku, Deo Gumba and Fatma Zohra for being appointed onto the Steering Committee tasked with charting the way forward for a Translators & Interpreters association in Kenya. A detailed report on the meeting and a profile of the SC members will follow soon but for now, enjoy the following remarks that we have received from the meeting participants: I am a new member of this Forum and a strong supporter of the foundation of the Kenya Interpreters and Translators Association. I wish a good job to our Committee.- Dr. Liguori This is very positive and looks very strong....Let us all strive to reach the sun as a team!- Masindet I must say I appreciated TFL meeting on Thursday many thanks for organising such a forum...more so to Britt-Marie for sharing her experience from Sweden with us. It is encouraging to see that members exhibit goodwill attitude hope the association will materialize so that all of us may become the 'heavyweights' in Kenya and beyond! to all. - Ramadhan

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