Associtiation founding Invitatation 6 Feb Meeting@RITS

Dear colleagues in the profession, The Steering Committee of the proposed national association for linguists working as translators and interpreters in Kenya is pleased to inform you that pursuant to the interim mandate is was given by a group of members of the Tamarind Linguists Forum desirous of seeing such an association in Kenya: · We propose to hold a mobilization meeting set to be held on 6 February 2010 at the Regional Interpretation and Translation School. This venue could change should be obtain a venue in the city centre. The Regional Interpretation and Translation School and Tamarind Translations have kindly agreed to sponsor this meeting but we are seeking the help of more sponsors. · We have come up with proposals for a name, a constitution and a code of best practices that could become a code of professional ethics upon approval by all members following formalization of the association. · We have contacted and are in the process of establishing networking links with similar national and international associations in Africa and beyond, which already well established in order to learn from their experience and cooperate in other ways. · We are proposing to hold a mobilization meeting to be attended by all linguists and practitioners in the profession who would like to become founder members of the association who will appear in the initial list of members to be submitted in the application for registration. There will be a token founder member fee to be paid at the meeting or by 15 February 2010 and that we will be fixed by those who will attend this meeting. · After registration, these founder members shall agree on the name of the association at this meeting and thereafter, upon registration, be called to attend the first General Assembly to be held by the end of March 2010 to approve the constitution and the code of best practices or ethics, which the steering committee proposes should be reviewed by a review committee to be set up by the mobilization meeting. · Anyone who will have not attended the mobilization meeting or paid the token fee to be set by the same by 15 February 2010 shall be deemed to have forfeited their chance to become founding members and shall be subjected to new membership rules to be contained in the statutes and rules of the association at the General Assembly proposed above. The aim of this mobilization meeting is to bring together all the colleagues within Kenya who share the same views on the need for a national association to take care of the welfare of those working in this profession that has never been officially recognized in Kenya despite playing such an important role in ensuring Nairobi, and indeed the whole of Kenya, maintains its place as a leading conferencing destination in the region and Africa as a whole. We urge you to be part of history by being counted among the founder members of this association and hope to see you at the mobilization meeting. Please confirm your participation by 25 January 2010. Kind regards, DEO Gumba Member Steering Committee Proposed Kenya Association of Interpreters and Translators

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